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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Brown Bag of Columbus

1342 17th Street
Columbus, Georgia 31904

Contact Person:


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4828

Columbus, Georgia 31904

Mission Statement:

To provide groceries to low-income elderly individuals in our community, bringing glory and honor to God while maintaining the dignity of each individual.

Program Information:

The Brown Bag is a nonprofit agency, which provides groceries to low-income elderly individuals in our community. The program is manned 100% by volunteers. Presently, over 350 elderly are helped each month in Columbus. Our sites are set-up like a small grocery store where the members can make their own selections of the items they get at no cost to them. The site is manned by volunteers who do greeting, registration, shopping, bagging, carry bags for those who can't, and just show each of them that people do care about them. Volunteers also send out birthday cards, make home deliveries to homebound individuals, provide pickup trucks and manpower on the days we stock the site. At Thanksgiving, we give each member a whole chicken, to go along with the bag of groceries, and for Christmas we have a Get-Together, which for many is the only holiday activity they have.

Job Description:

  • Greeters - greet individuals upon arrival
  • Sorters - separate food items and stock shelves
  • Shoppers - help members make food selections
  • Toters - help carry groceries to member's vehicle
  • Homebound volunteer - deliver groceries to member's home


We want individuals who care about people, especially the elderly; smiling faces and huggers (we have quite a few members to whom this means a lot).


The site is open from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., the third week of each month and volunteers are also needed (same hours) on Wednesday and Thursday of the second week of each month for unloading, stocking shelves, etc.

*This would not be a full-time placement but would be a great place to earn extra hours if you can arrange your class schedule around their hours.

They also have a Phenix City site where students can distribute groceries one Saturday a month. This location is at First United Methodist Church (1600 Sandfort Road, Phenix City) 

If Interested, please view their calendar on