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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Class of 2004

Suzie Alford Williams
I am teaching 8th Grade Language Arts at Manchester Middle School and I am hoping to start my Master's degree in Religion this summer. Also, I got married to my long time beau, David Williams, on November 11th. We are enjoying country life in Harris County with our dog, Gizmo.

Amanda Biddle
I am now working for TSYS in the Marketing Department as a Senior Graphic Artist/Illustrator. I LOVE being able to be creative and TSYS also allows me the opportunity to serve in other areas. I am very involved with our Partner in Education class at Downtown Elementary and I look forward to participating in other community events throughout the company.

I am still very active at my church, Cascade Hills, both through the children's ministry and the music ministry. We are finishing up a new praise CD for our Praise Band and I've been able to both sing on the project and design the CD (the best of both worlds!).

Kelli Brantley Parker
Kelli is currently working at the Pastoral Institute as the College and Community Coordinator for the Servant Leadership Program at Columbus State University.

Kristen Sanders
Kristen is a second grade teacher at Edgewood Elementary School.

Tori Smith Oehrlein
I got married! I have a new and difficult last name! Also, since January I have been working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation: Division of Forensic Sciences in the Chemistry section. I started scientist training with them in August, and will complete this training in April. And no, it's nothing like CSI *smile*. And yes, I have already put in a request to transfer to our Columbus Regional lab!

Paula Sides
I have been working as a professional opera singer in the UK for the past year, singing with the opera company Opus 1 Music Limited and with York Opera. I have also participated in concerts supporting organizations such as the Macmillan Cancer Relief and Hope. I am now performing in a Mozart concert in the Fringe Festival, the largest music festival in Europe. I hope to continue to study music in the UK and eventually attend a conservatory for advanced opera study.

Kara Sinard Witsiepe
Kara finished her master's degree at CSU and is currently in a PA medical program at South Alabama.

Molly Touchton
I have a wonderful job teaching computers/technology at St. Anne School to pre-K-8th grades. I have approximately 425 kids, so it is really demanding but also incredibly rewarding-learning all their names only took me a month, but I do occasionally slip up! I'm moving to New Hampshire, most likely in June, to be closer to my family. Once settled in there, I plan to start my masters in education.

Linh Tran
Linh is currently an Application Development Analyst in the IT department at Aflac. On New Year's Eve, Linh's boyfriend, Joseph Daniel Devine, proposed and they are now officially engaged.

Kevin Yanzetich
We are now living in Summerville, SC. I work for a company called Blackbaud which does software for nonprofit organizations. Sophia will be 3 this year, I can't believe how fast she is growing up. We really enjoy being here and being only 45 minutes from the beach.

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