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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Class of 2006

Melissa Anthony

Karan Anne Ellison Hawk

Erin Lantzy Johnson
Sandy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on March 4, 2010. We had our first child, Nathan, in November 2009 and I'm now a stay at home mom. We're still living just across the river in Salem, AL.

Kevin Johnson

Shaunta Jones

Zachary Smith
I have been working with my father since September trying out my hand in the field of recruitment. I try and find jobs for Nurse practitioners and Physician's Assistants all over the country. My most recent good news has been that I made my first placement and success at securing someone a job, and the crazy thing is that the position is in Columbus, GA. After so many calls to states all over it felt really good to place someone there in Columbus for my first placement. I've also been catching up on a lot of paddling lately and will be working with an outfitter here this coming spring as well. I expect to do some volunteering with the Boy Scouts this new year, and other than that I'm still planning on hiking the Appalachian Trail. I've just decided to give myself a little bit more time to save up and prepare for that endeavor.

John Robert Voynich
I am currently in the Masters of Accounting Program at the University of Georgia and will be getting married to Jessica Turner on May 26th, 2007.

Adam Wells

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